Video's Featuring the Galton Board and Pascal’s Triangle

The Galton Board

Statistical Rethinking Fall 2017 - Francis Galton's 1894 "bean machine" for simulating normal distributions - A Random Walker

Gaussian Distribution Theory

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The Dance of Chance - From Chaos to Order

Technical University of Crete

Normal Distribution - ADAMED SmartUP - Another Random Walker

Cambridge Science Festival - The Random Walker

Quincunx LEGO

PBS Documentary - Prediction by the Numbers

Pascal’s Triangle

Pascal's Triangle into Sierpinski Triangle

Demonstrating the Binomial Theorem from Pascal's Triangle

The Weirdness of Pascal's Triangle

Why do all rows of Pascal's triangle add to powers of 2?

Primes in Pascal's Triangle

Pascal's Triangle


Art of Problem Solving

Binomial Coefficients in Pascal's Triangle

Binomial Expansion Using Pascal's Triangle

Raise Binomials to High Powers

Pascal's triangle for binomial expansion

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