Original Desktop Galton Board
Large Stock Market Galton Board
Large Galton Board with Pascal's Triangle

Videos Featuring the Galton Board and Pascal’s Triangle

The Galton Board

Galton Board by VSauce & D!NG (2,400,000+ views)

Galton Board: Normal Distribution

Galton Board: Regression to the Mean

Galton Board: Pascal's Triangle

The Galton Board by Grand Illusions

Galton Board

Galton Board - Volume of Milk Production from Cows




Central Limit Theorem demonstrated with a Galton Board (quincunx)

Normal distribution excel exercise | Probability and Statistics | Khan Academy

Google Action Lab - Is it Possible to Predict Randomness?

IBM at the Fair (1964)

Gaussian Distribution Theory

Francis Galton's 1894 "bean machine" for simulating normal distributions

Technical University of Crete

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The Bean Machine, Sir Francis Galton, and the Central Limit Theorem in action!

Normal Distribution - ADAMED SmartUP

Cambridge Science Festival

Quincunx LEGO

正規分布のおもちゃ【GALTON BOARD】

Mathematics of the Galton Board

The Galton Board In Slow Motion

Máquina de Galton

Tábua de Galton

Introduction to using the normal distribution - TBS open teaching

Galton Board Unboxing

자연의 진리를 손에 넣었다! (I got the truth of nature!) - GALTON BOARD

What is a Bean Machine?

Доска Гальтона | Vsauce на русском

Science Centre Delft / Galton Board

The Central Limit Theorem

Whoomp There Probability Is! On the Galton Board!

I Love My Galton Board!

Predictable Chaos

Repetitive Demonstration Using the Galton Board

Galton Board and Probability and Statistics Books!

Pascal’s Triangle

What You Don't Know About Pascal's Triangle

Pascal's Triangle into Sierpinski Triangle

Demonstrating the Binomial Theorem from Pascal's Triangle

The Weirdness of Pascal's Triangle

Why do all rows of Pascal's triangle add to powers of 2?

Primes in Pascal's Triangle

Pascal's Triangle


Art of Problem Solving

Binomial Coefficients in Pascal's Triangle

Binomial Expansion Using Pascal's Triangle

Raise Binomials to High Powers

EL TRIÁNGULO DE PASCAL: Una de las llaves de la Matemática. Centro de Estudios Matemáticos.

The Discovery That Transformed Pi

Fibonacchi Sequence

The Golden Ratio (why it is so irrational) - Numberphile

The Fibonacci Sequence: Nature's Code

The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Arthur Benjamin

Utilizing the Golden Spiral in the Fibonacci Sequence for Composition

Creating the Never-Ending Bloom

Fibonacci and Money

The Fibonacci Sequence and Rhytms

Central Limit Theorem

Introduction to the Central Limit Theorem

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